Thursday, February 14, 2013

Walt Disney World Pro Soccer Classic

Yesterday I had the chance to go and watch a few of the games that were being played at the Walt Disney World Pro Soccer Classic. This even showcases MLS teams as well as local Florida pro teams.

This year MLS teams Sporting Kansas City, DC United, Philadelphia Union, Toronto FC, Columbus Crew, and Impact Montreal were paired with Florida teams Orlando City and the Tampa Bay Rowdies.

Yesterday's game I saw was Sporting Kansas City v DC United. The game started slow, with both teams having starters out on the field I was expecting a more exciting first half of soccer. What I got was a disappointing exhibition of cautious play. There seemed to be no urgency from the teams with their established players out on the field. It wasn't until the second half when the teams brought on players that were on a trial run and nonestablished players that the game took off. The flow of the game, the creativity, and the fact it started raining made the game much more exciting to watch. I found myself actually getting involved with the game, moaning at misses, getting excited about chances being created, complaining about fouls and calls. For the small turnout because of the weather (hopefully that is why there was a small turnout) it was a great fan atmosphere.

The result of the match was 2-0 to SKC, but that wasn't the real reason I enjoyed yesterdays event. The fact I got to see a competitive match of soccer live for the first time in months.

The event overall was lacking in total support, it seemed a bit thrown together, even for an event that has been going for a few years now. No clear signs directed you to the field, field announcer would randomly just stop announcing for a good while and would only talk when subs came in. As I said, I did enjoy the event for what it was, not so much a pro soccer event, but an event that was trying to get more people in America interested in soccer. And that is something this country really needs, more support for the MLS and other pro soccer leagues.

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