Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Liverpool match involved in fixing scandal.

A Champions League match between Liverpool and Hungarian side, Debrecen, is under investigation for match fixing.

Dirk Kuyt scores the lone goal vs Debrecen for Liverpool. The match shown here is under investigation for match fixing.

Liverpool is not under investigation at the time, just the match. It is suspected that Debrecen took a bribe from a Croatian-led crime group to throw the match 3-0. The match did end up in only a 1-0 defeat for the Hungarians, however.

This match is the only one highlighted, so far, of the 680 matches that Europol, the European Union's police organization, is investigating.

More info on this is sure to come, but for now let me know your thoughts!

Do you think Liverpool's win is tainted by this if the allegations are true? Do you think Liverpool could have been involved? Leave comments below.

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