Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Premier League Contenders and Pretender: Revised

So two months ago before the winter break I posted this: Breaking Down the Premier League Contenders and Pretenders Midway Through The Year. At the moment I would like to revise what I had said. The teams in the "Contender" category were Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Everton. The team in the "Pretender" category were Manchester Untied, Liverpool, Southampton/Newcastle.

As of today, February 5th, the Premier League table looks as follows:

1. Arsenal - 55 points
2. Manchester City - 53 points
3. Chelsea - 53 points
4. Liverpool - 47 points
5. Everton - 45 points
6. Tottenham - 44 points
7. Manchester United - 40 points
8. Newcastle - 37 points
9. Southampton - 35 points
10. Aston Villa - 27 points
11. Stoke City - 25 points
12. Swansea City - 24 points
13. Hull City - 24 points
14. Sunderland - 24 points
15. Norwich City - 24 points
16. West Brom - 23 points
17. Crystal Palace - 23 points
18. West Ham - 22 points
19. Cardiff City - 21 points
20. Fulham - 19 points

So let's get into the categories.


Arsenal: Well we are into crunch time in the Premier League and (literally) surprise, surprise the Gunners are on top of the table. Arsene Wenger's men have been consistent all season and look poised for a stay at the top of the league table. The lack of a striker depth could doom them, but Wenger has his men and his fans believing again, and that's huge.

Chelsea: Are we not convinced by Mourinho's men yet? I still stand firm in my stance that Mourinho isn't as "special" as his nickname states, but there's no doubting the quality of football that Chelsea have been playing lately. They ground out a great 1-0 against Manchester City AT the Etihad and look primed to pounce to the top of the table if Arsenal slip up.

Manchester City: Despite a home defeat to Chelsea, City are still the best attacking team in the Premier League and have all the weapons that could vault them to the top of the league. Injuries should be a worry for Manuel Pellegrini, but City are still in the mix at the top of a tight title race.

OKAY so I know that the Contenders didn't change, but what about the Pretenders?


Everton: I'm going to keep it short and sweet, they don't have enough to take them to the Champions League.

Manchester United: Doesn't it just seem a matter of time before David Moyes gets his marching orders? Despite the great purchase of Juan Mata from Chelsea, United are playing lackluster football and at this point we really have to question if it's lack of talent or lack of a real manager.

Tottenham: Just not enough chemistry within the team for me. Too many players that want to play the same spot and no real striker that poses a threat. Spurs are REALLY missing Gareth Bale who saw the writing on the wall and got out ASAP.

So there you have it. My revised Premier League Contenders and Pretenders, what do you think? Did I get it wrong?

I'll make another one as the title race heats up even more. For now please comment and share this post!