Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beginner's Guide to Soccer: Part 1

As recent events has allowed me to get introduced and interested in the world of soccer I have decided to start a beginners guide to soccer. The Informer has helped me get a better grasp on this sport which I believe is very under underappreciated in the United States and I believe more Americans need to take the time to understand and enjoy this sport.

    I was finally able to watch a game of soccer at Disney's Wide World of Sport during the Pro Soccer Classic and it was a very disappointing game in very disappointing weather. However I still enjoyed it thoroughly. Also with the introduction of FOX Soccer at our house I've been watching many games and have decided that my favorite teams are Inter and Liverpool. (often criticized by The Informer) ...anyhow I will continue to write posts as my knowledge of soccer increases and show the transformation into a true soccer fan.

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