Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Potential Young Stars, Revised

A few days ago I made a post with players that have the potential to have huge breakout years this upcoming season. To expand on that post I came up with a data sheet with all their past data from pass completion percentage to average match rating. I also added a few names onto the list that weren't in the post. To see the original post go here:

Player Name Pass Success Shots on goal Clean Sheets Avg Match Rtg Tackles Won Dribbles Completed World Class Potential
Thiago Alcantara 91.9 0.8 N/A 7.25 1.5 1.6 Yes
Paul Pogba 82.5 1.8 N/A 7.21 2.4 1.5 Yes
David Alaba 88.8 1.2 N/A 7.3 1.9 0.7 Yes
Isco 85.6 1.9 N/A 7.17 1.2 2.2 Yes
Thibaut Courtois 47.3 N/A 20 6.82 N/A N/A Yes
David De Gea 60.3 N/A 11 6.83 N/A N/A Yes
Julian Draxler 81.7 2.1 N/A 7.39 1.4 2.7 Yes
Stephan El Shaarawy 84.2 2.6 N/A 7.16 1 1.1 Maybe
Kevin De Bruyne 76.8 2.7 N/A 7.58 1.5 3 Maybe
M'baye Niang 76.5 1.2 N/A 6.6 1.3 1.2 No
Raheem Sterling 84.1 1.2 N/A 6.77 1.5 1.5 No
Marc-Andre ter Stegen 63 N/A 9 6.86 N/A N/A No

I made this list of players that are some of the hottest young commodities I could think of and looked up some key stats that pertain to players and used those stats along with the "eye test" of how well they play when you watch them to determine if they can be considered world class one day.

Players that got a "Yes" in the World Class Potential category did so because they have shown that they can be great players on the biggest stages, and are at a young stage in their careers at which they are still improving. Not only did the players with a "Yes" have pretty good statistics this past season, but during the eye test it was clear these players had what it takes to become truly great.

Players that got a "Maybe" still have some question marks about them. The standout of the two will probably be El Shaarawy. Now I absolutely love El Shaarawy but he fell into the "Maybe" category for reasons mostly due to becoming second fiddle to Mario Balotelli, which raised question marks for me if AC Milan saw something we didn't in that maybe he isn't a viable number 1 option. But instead of dropping him in the "No" category I had to give him a "Maybe" because last summer I saw him play in person against Chelsea in Miami and the kid had a flair and confidence about him that looked like no other on the field.

Lastly we have the players that got a "No" and that doesn't necessarily mean I don't think they will be world class level, but it means at the moment from what I have seen I can't give them a "Maybe" or a "Yes" because their body of work just isn't enough to make that judgement.

So what do you think? Should we weigh the potential of players on stats and the eye test alone? One more than the other? And what do you think of the list? Let me know!

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