Friday, March 8, 2013

Will the United States reach the World Cup?

With the recent injury to goalkeeper Tim Howard the United States changes of making the World Cup seem slim. The United States will now rely on Brad Guzan to keep the opposition of the score-sheet and I'm anxious to see if Guzan can shoulder the burden of filling Tim Howard's gloves.

The United States is already struggling. Lacking a real attacking threat, the best chance the United States had to stay in games was Howard in goal. But now with Howard being out with two broken bones in his back we will see what Guzan is made of. Guzan is no stranger to playing at a high level, as he is currently the first choice keeper for Premier League side Aston Villa.

The loss of Howard leaves the US with no real commanding leaders on the field, however. This could be a golden opportunity for a new leader to emerge for the United States, and I hope that is either Clint Dempsey or Michael Bradley. Let's not overreact too much to the United States losing Tim Howard though as their next World Cup qualifying game is at home against Costa Rica, a game that should be an easy win for the Americans. This will show us if the United States can hang around without Howard in goal, and I sincerely hope they can.

What do you think? Are the United States doomed without Tim Howard? Will Guzan be an adequate replacement?

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